Vehicles that are started and driven indoors present health and environmental hazards. Sourcetec Vehicle Exhaust Filters are specially designed to counteract these by seperating the harmful pollutants from the exhaust of vehicles that are driven indoors and conned working spaces.

  • Reduces odours and Carcinogens
    Our filters remove 99.92% of all damaging particles measuring down to 0.12 microns, as well as helping to reduce odours.
  • Simple To Install & Filters are disposed of with regular waste.
    The exhaust filter is mounted directly to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle.
  • Economic Alternative
    With no additional equipment required these filters make an excellent alternative to conventional extraction systems.

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We have exhaust filters to fit most vehicles and applications.

  • Automotive Dealerships and Auto Repair Shops
  • Trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles
  • Forklifts and other machinery in a work enviornment
  • Mining and Military Equipment
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Permanently mounted filters available for High Temperature Vehicles

Works Immediately when the engine starts

No need to switch the filter on and off, it’s working if the vehicle is running.

Low usage

No moving parts or expensive maintenance, these filters are inexpensive to operate.

Not sensitive to water & humidity

Our filters are insensitive to humidity and can be used in washing bays.

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