Sourcetec Industries produces top of the line Fume Arms designed to elminate harmful fumes and particles especially for work environments. We offer a wide range of flexible arms in various specs and materials.

  • 25 Years of Engineering and Design
    Sourcetec Industries is one of the most experienced manufacturers and custom designer’s of Source Capture arms in North America.
  • Versatile
    Our arms can be installed alone or with a complete ltration system, we can easily adapt to an existing system.
  • Less energy consumption
    Due to less air flow restricion with our externally supported arms, you can use a less powerful fan and in turn save on Energy Consumption.

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We Have Fume Arms for all Industrial Source Capture Applications:

  • Metal fabrication Shops
  • Welding Shops
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • General Source Capture of dust and fumes
  • City Maintenance Garages

Simple to Postion

SourceArms® are freely suspended alleviating the need for huge friction discs and resolving the long standing issue of shaky joints.

Easy Installation

SourceArms® are shipped complete for immediate use.

Can be custom built

SourceArms® come in many dierent sizes and models. Choose from our standard line or we can custom build for your application.

Contact our experienced staff and let Sourcetec help you with all your Source Capture and Filtration Requirements

Call Us at 1-800-784-2383