Flexible Welding Fume Extraction Arms

Sourcetec Industries has a complete line of source capture arms to eliminate harmful fumes and particles  from the working environment. We offer a wide range of flexible arms manufactured using various materials and in various reaches. Sourcetec flexible fume arms  are durable, versatile and can be used for many   applications for example welding fumes, dust, oil mist. Whether you looking for source capture arm for the pharmaceutical industry, or multiple arms for a large welding shop we have the flexible arm for your needs.  Use the selection brochure and selection charts below to assist you in finding the right flexible welding arm or source capture arm for your application.


Download the Sourcearm Selection Brochure

Download the Selection Charts Below.


Selection Chart


Selection Chart


sourcearm solid-tube-arms miniarm-sourcearm

SourceArm ®

Solid Tube Arms

Mini Arm

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retractable-arm    fume-arm-accessories 

Retractable Arms



brochure.fwtech-specs.fw   brochure.fwtech-specs.fw