Complimentary Equipment - Industrial


Portable Brake
Lathe Vacuum

Car Wash/Welding
Curtains and Screens 


The Sourcetec Portable Brake Lathe Vacuum Unit is ideal for removing harmful particles from, grinding, sanding and surface polishing. It is a portable unit making it easy to use anywhere in the shop or service centre.

 Sourcetec offers a full line of welding and safety screens. They are available in ,amy materials for many applications such as welding shops, car wash bays and general warehouse purposes. 


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cono2monitor  balancer 



CO-NO2 Monitors
and Detectors



CO detectors are designed to measure CO OR NO2 levels, over time and sound an alarm before dangerous levels of CO OR NO2 accumulate in an environment. Sourcetec offers a full range of monitors for your shop or workplace. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Sourcetec Balancers can be used alone for tools and equipment or part of a whole exhaust system. Our Series B22 and B30 Balancer reels feature rugged steel construction with polyester baked finish, reinforced hanging bracket with safety hook for ceiling mount.


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